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Invenger Capital

Leveraging the power of the Invenger InsurPay Digital Vendor Solution, Invenger offers vendors a cash advance services that increases:

Business Stability
Financial Control
Peace Of Mind

With Invenger Capital, Property and Casualty insurance vendors increase their financial stability, significantly strengthening the overall insurance ecosystem.

Make Invenger Your Financial Partner On The Insurance Vendor Journey.

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The Benefits of Leveraging
Invenger Capital

Quick Funds Access

Reduce your risk and eliminate payment uncertainty.

Improved Cash Flow Management

Maintain daily liquidity and flexibility.

Increased Stability & Control

Gain financial control and maintain solvency.

Added Resource Availability

Have funds available to invest in growth opportunities.

Decreased Reconciliation Effort

Lessen the time and effort spent in payment reconciliation.

Expanded Customer Focus

Increase your ability to service your customers with excellence.